The Long Interview Yeoh Lam Keong ex-GIC Chief Economist: Are we ready for the future

Source: ST images

The ST often has interesting write-ups about international personalities especially Asian ones.  In a recent article by Susan Long on 18 March 2012, she interviewed retired Chief Economist of GIC, Yeoh Lam Keong.

What an unlikely fellow, amidst the swirling world of high finance and big money, booms and crashes, the ability to rise above it all. Yeoh’s philosophy of life was underscored by his farewell present from colleagues, a T-shirt reading “Buddha says: Stop wanting stupid shit!”

  • What’s your view on this article?
  • What helps you maintain sanity in the world of high finance?


Yeoh attributes Mr Lim Siong Guan, President of GIC, for drumming into him, the importance of being ready to meet the future.

  • What’s philosophy drives your work?


Yeoh’s top worries for Singapore today is whether its policies are social ready

  • What keeps you awake at night?


GIC’s chief economist Leslie Teo describes Yeoh as someone “never afraid to speak his mind even if his views were not popular or politically correct; he was not afraid to explore new and unconventional ideas. He always stood apart from the prevailing culture of the industry – big money, flashy, top of the world – by his concern for the average person and his simple tastes.’

  • How would your colleagues describe you?



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