How to write an elevator pitch

1. Where are you from

2. What skills you bring

3. How I first became interested (in this area of focus)

4. Where you’d like to be

Sample A

HELLO (XXX), my name is (_____________).  I’m a second year student in (XXXX University, studying (____________________).   I hope to pursue a career in  (____________________).

When I was 15, I was first introduced to the social sector by volunteering at a National Library Board programme known as ‘kidsREAD’. I got to interact with children from different backgrounds, and I saw how my weekly two-hours had a hand in nurturing these children. I saw how some initially shy children would slowly warm up to you, sometimes taking as long as five sessions. I saw how the bolder ones became more confident. In the three years I volunteered for kidsREAD, I saw children who were barely recognise words, stand in front of everyone, confidently reading out loud. I developed patience and understanding through interaction with children. Amidst the sessions, I learnt to deal with unforeseen circumstances and calmly take actions to curb them. I can confidently say that with my experience in dealing with children through my years of volunteerism and internship will push me to achieve excellence in this sector. (JJVQ)

Sample B

Someone who wants to start her own company

Hi good morning, my name is  XXXXXXXX. I am currently pursuing a degree at XYZ   University. I have a passion in designing, marketing and advertising. I am currently a freelance graphic designer and worked with companies like XX, YY, ZZ. Over the years, I’ve also been improving myself by learning how to do web design, and I’ve been helping several SMEs with their corporate website.

I major in Entrepreneurship during my study at ABC College  and have since been very keen in starting my own business. During my internship with Youth Enterprise Academy, I was mentored by the CEO who shared with me  the importance of delivering value to my clients. With knowledge in finance, marketing, accounting, operations and all aspects, I am really looking forward to starting my own business in the near future, and right now I’m looking for opportunities to expand my network and looking forward to more collaborations. (LMYG)

Havard Business School 

1. Describe who you are

2. Describe what you do

3. Why you’re unique (what do you offer that others don’t)

4. Describe your goal (what are you asking of the listener)

Sample C

Information Systems

Hi My name is XXX.  I am an undergraduate student of XYZUniversity majoring in Information Systems Management. Additionally, I am taking up Organizational Behavior and Human Resources as my 2nd major.  My focus is in pursuing the alignment of business and information technology across business functions within the organization. For instance, during my recent internship with AXXX  Consulting, I had worked on a project with the business performance department to improve the existing working process.  Despite being an intern, the company adopted my recommendations, and was able to reduce their operational costs by 20% last year. Knowing that  (your company)  has a similar department, I hope to make similar contributions.  (WT)

Sample D


My name is XXX and I am a second year XYZ University student undertaking a double degree in Accountancy and Business. I enjoy accountancy and  I am known for my ability to deliver quality work and yet maintain good ties with my coworkers.  Recently I led a team of 18 to organise an event attended by more than 2,000 students. Not only was the event well received, I was able to earn the respect of my peers because I believe in practicing what I preach, and setting a good model for others.

Sample E

Hello. My name is  XXX. I am an undergraduate at ABC  University studying accountancy. I will be graduating in 2 years times and will be looking for an auditing role in an assurance and advisory company in China.

When it comes to work, I have an eye for details.  This is exemplified during one of the audits I did with my assurance and advisory team at the University Club.  During one of the financial audits we conducted, I discovered a lapse in the internal control of a club with a clean track record. This was an unexpected find, as other team members had checked the records and not noticed anything amiss. The lapse would have potentially opened up loopholes in the fund-raising claims.  Although it was a tiring process to reevaluate the effectiveness of the measures that were already in place, I realized the need to improve their controls. After a week of discussion, my team and I eventually came up with a new set of controls that significantly reduced the risks of the lapse happening again.

After I graduate, I hope to land a career in the assurance and advisory sector. With the experience that I have already gained from the school’s assurance and advisory team, I am certain that I will be able to make significant contributions to the organization.

Sample F


My name is XXX, I am an undergraduate in ABC  University pursuing a degree in law. I am very interested in the Legal Aid Sector in Singapore and hope to get a chance to intern at the Legal Aid Bureau. I am actively involved in the ABC’s Pro Bono Club which involves working with the underprivileged, unable to afford legal services, allowing me to understand the workings of the Legal Aid System.

Currently, I am also taking part in the University Court Friends Scheme (UCF) which involves us volunteers being attached to the various sectors in the Subordinate Courts. I am now attached to the Criminal Law Registry in the XXXX Subordinate Courts, assisting the various departments in administrative as well as hands-on work. Through this experience, I believe that I have developed better interpersonal skills due to the variety of people that come to the Crime Clinic to file complains. I believe that this is highly useful if I were to intern at the Legal Aid Bureau, as interpersonal skills are very important for people in the Legal Aid sector as most of the legal aid clinic’s “clients” would be underprivileged people and one needs to have the good interpersonal skills to deal with the different types of people that approach us. With all the soft skills that I have obtained though the various times I’ve volunteered to do Pro-Bono work, together with the knowledge I have gained through law school, I feel that if I get this chance to intern at the Legal Aid Clinic, I can learn a lot from this experience and maybe in the future decide to pursue a career in the Legal Aid Bureau. I hope you will consider giving me a chance to intern at the Legal Aid Bureau. (BC)

Sample G

Finance sector

Hi, my name is XXX. I am a first year ABC University student doing double degree in Business Management and Accountancy.

For instance, I love investing and analysing stocks to see stock prices fluctuate, and understanding the fundamental reasons behind them. This passion draws me to join the ABC University-Student Managed Investment Fund, interact with like-minded peers and seniors, monitor stocks in various exchanges, especially in  the Technology, Media and Telco Sector. Personally, I also manage a basket of stocks with an average 8% return.

Apart from investing, I like to be around people, and am actively involved in organising events, such as the inaugural ABC Scholars Camp. As the Finance Director of the Camp, I overlook all finance-related matters, accounting for all expenses and preparing budgets, working with the different teams.

Another event that broadened my perspective was my first Overseas Community Service project to Chiang Rai, Thailand. For the first time, I spent 2 weeks staying in rural villages, experiencing their simple pleasures and constructing a school for the children. This was a very fruitful and meaningful journey to give back to the community. (GZC)

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