Creating a vision -URA draft Master Plan 2013 for Singapore

Recently the Singapore government released a draft Master plan 2013 for the next 5 years.

I have attached a copy of the youtube video here. There are several for different areas of this island country.

Most people like this grand plan. Many feel that they’ve contributed to the plan. “Finally someone is listening to my suggestions.”

Apparently the authorities spent quite a lot of work and time sharing the draft plan with various interest groups. Not surprisingly,  comments from various quarters call it the best Master Plan they’ve seen.

From a management perspective,  what was different?  Quality of skills?  This is an organisation staffed by high quality architects and planners.  Who passionately set aside personal interests at the real estate to work for public sector. Level of skills,  precision,  conscientiousness.  This is Singapore, afterall.

Some comments

1. Vision unites. It is short and realistic. All effective managers and leaders must be able to create an exciting vision for the people. The plan is to develop “green, healthy, connected, strong in community interaction and spirit”.

2. Vision must be communicated. In today’s interconnected world, all stakeholders want to know. How the plan weaves in various parties and tells an exciting story. In what form this communication takes place. Possibly multiple including technology – youtube in addition to traditional media.

3.  Taking into account various interest (often conflicting) can be a delicate exercise. Treading on eggshells. Those with vested interest may not appreciate the open communication.  Other changing concerns – environmental factors need to be appreciated. Changing social demographic trends. A PESTEL framework is useful.

3. Most importantly, consulting stakeholders prior to the release.  In Lewin’s change management, to get people from the unfreezing stage to the movement stage, there must be some form of participation and consultation. URA said it carried out consultation meetings with MPs and key grassroot leaders from various constituencies. The feedback and ideas garnered have helped to refine and improve the review of the Draft Master Plan 2013.

Do check out the URA Master Plan. It’s such a visual treat.

Finally, does your organisation have a vision?

What about yourself? Do you have a vision for your life?

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