You’re never too old to become younger – mae west

There’s much celebration of Youth these days. CEOs in their twenties.  Which is not a bad thing. But “Quarter Life Crisis”?

Let us not forget:

  • Somerset Maugham wrote his last book at eighty-four.
  • Verdi was still composing operas in his eighties.
  • Grandma Moses painting in her eighties.
  • Nola Ochs, the world’s oldest graduate at 95.
  • George Bernard Shaw was writing plays in his nineties.
  • Col Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken at 65.
  • Peter Roget published Roget’s Thesaurus at 73.
  • Laura Wilder wrote Little House on the Prairie series in her sixties


See also: Women who succeeded later in life, Quarter Life Crisis

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