Goodbye Mr Lee

Instagram media by swwong - A repost from friedricebucket. Praying for Mr Lee and his family through this time.

Photo by Ong Yi Teck. This talented young man, wrote 18,000 squiggly times Mr Lee’s name.

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Goodbye Mr Lee

Despite the hoax last week, we should have been prepared.
But when the news came, we still teared
Seeing you in your younger days
Fiery and defiant
Like a lion

Thank you Mr Lee
You make me want to be a better me

A middle aged lady who used to clean my home remembers you canvasing for support. Those early days, with a tin can. Asking for donations. She put in her little 2 coins. Believing in the dreams you painted. For water, electricity and a roof above our heads.

You gave us more than that.

The taxi driver uncle who worked in the airline repair in the 1960s. You were then the Prime Minister. When unions urged them not to turn up for work. Remembers you rushing down, cajoling, and reminding, that Singapore cannot fail, or the world will make us a laughing stock.

You gave us a dream
You gave us respect

Thank you Mr Lee
You make me want to be a better me
There will never be another you

The greenery, the city planning and the friends you made overseas, you worked so tirelessly.
I hope you go from glory to glory.
Thank you Mr Lee

You’re a great man. Even great men call you great. For you are known by your deeds.

前人种树 后人乘凉 (qian ren zong shu, hou ren chen liang)

We sit in the shade of tress planted by those before us. – Chinese proverb.

National Day by Liu Kang (1967) - National Art Gallery

National Day by Liu Kang (1967) – National Art Gallery

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