The Verger –


Photo taken in Georgetown, Penang by Mr Kheng Huay


The Verger by Somerset Maugham

At the death of the old vicar, a middle aged man, Albert Foreman, his assistant, or a verger, was fired. The new vicar discovered that he could not read or write although it didn’t interfere with his work.

Confused as to what to do next, Foreman felt he needed a cigarette. Walking up and down the street, he couldn’t find a shop to buy a pack.
(PS. What would you do in this scenario? )

Foreman found this odd, and decided to open a tobacconist and news agent shop on that street.

It was a success and he opened a shop on another street. Within 10 years, Foreman owned 10 shops and became very wealthy.

One day his banker asked him to sign some papers for opening an investment account. Shocked that Foreman couldn’t read or write, the banker asked “Did you amass a fortune without being able to read or write ? What would you be now if you had been able to? ”

I’d still be a verger, quipped Foreman.

My boss once told me the same story of her looking for a cigarette in the middle of the night. Unable to find one, she drove one hour to find a store. The next day she decided to kick smoking. Next time I see her, I’ll remind her she could have been rich.

Joke aside,
What do you make of this story ?

Knowing many things doesn’t teach insight

On a circle, an end point can also be a beginning point – Heraclitus

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