The pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

“Normally we allow our enthusiasm to elude us when we are involved in such mundane activities, those that have no importance at all in the overall scale of our existence.

We lose our enthusiasm because of the small and unavoidable defeats we suffer during the good fight.

And since we don’t realise that enthusiasm is a major strength, able to help us win the ultimate victory; we let it dribble through our fingers; without recognising that we are letting the true meaning of our lives escape us.

We blame the world for our boredom and for our losses, and we forget that it was we ourselves who allowed the enchanting power which justifies everything to diminish – the manifestation of agape is the form of enthusiasm.”

Paulo Coelho on his pilgrimage on the Road of St James or the Camino de Santiago where he looks for his sacred sword. Along the way he learns about his fears/demons and facing them. The most important lesson is not finding the sword but discovering what he intends to do with it.

Coincidentally, a few friends are visiting Spain this period, and doing the road of St James, so I picked this book from the library. While I enjoy his writing especially the Alchemist, Coelho’s spiritual exercises tend towards the occult although he references many Christian texts. So I read the story like a fantasy.


Mount Kinabalu trail

An interesting documentary series “The Naked Pilgrim” by Brian Sewell offers a different perspective on the arts, architecture along the 4 different routes.

There’s something spiritual about a journey, the ups and downs that parallels life. Treasure could be a manual like the “Journey to the West” about a Buddhist monk who went to India to get some sacred texts. Or the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

If I run a marathon, is that a close substitute ?

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