Self determination theory by Deci and Ryan. My favourite theory learnrd at a workshop this year. Here I found some materials on how to incorporate Autonomy,’ ‘Relatedness,’ and ‘Competence’ and to infuse that into our everyday work.

Ask yourself every day, “What choices do I have?”

Then, at the end of the day, ask yourself, “What choices did I make?”

Because you start to understand that you do have choices. The outcomes of your day are oftentimes because of the way you chose to handle things.


We need to ask ourselves questions like, “How did I demonstrate my values today?”

If you don’t even know what your values are, then you need to start by developing your values.

“How did I contribute to something greater than myself today?

How did I contribute to something beyond my own self interests?”


What did I get done?
What did I learn today?
How did I grow?
What did I learn today that will actually help me be better tomorrow?”

That’s our sense of competence, which is that we are basically learning something every day that will make our work and our lives more manageable.


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