Personal mantra


Do you have a personal mantra? Someone once sent me a joke about a dad, son and donkey who went to the market. Along the way, passers by gave them different opinions as to who should be sitting on the donkey. Eventually they went to the market carrying the donkey.

Moral of the story, you can’t please everyone.

What do you stand for? Many companies have personal mission and vision statement on their websites. Some have been found wanting in living out those statements.

But such statements have been useful in guiding companies at crossroads and reveal if they are authentic or not.

What rules do you live by to maintain sanity if not happiness in this detached world?

On occasion of Amb Koh’s birthday this week, I will include an attachment  someone sent me of some 10 rules he lives by. If you may find it useful.


I am still struggling to come up with my person mantra. Prof Koh’s book is certainly going to be on my reading list for the year end. 

It was said that when he was Dean of the Law School, he knew the names of every law student in the class of 40.

That’s a good challenge  for me to start with in 2018.

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