Celebrations in the workplace

June is a popular month for weddings. I have been invited to at least 3 weddings.

Because some of us could not make it across the bridge to our workfriend’s wedding, we decided to come together for a simple meal.


Here in this photo, ZH is tying the red ribbon flower balls (adapting a Chinese custom) on the chair for the groom to be. The groom was made to untie and collect the “balls of happiness”. No scissors allowed. We had lots of fun in the process. (More information on Chinese customs)

In agrarian society, people had celebrations several times a year – feasts which serve to bond people together. Eat, laugh and have fun. In Japan and Korea, companies sponsor drinks and dinner after office a few timed a year. You may not want to be best friends with your colleagues, but its important to hang out socially.

Other Asian companies hang out with colleagues during lunch or breakfast.

Is there a reason to celebrate? A colleague survived her daughter’s first week in school. Someone new joined the team – welcome them. We clinched a new customer or completed a new project. Bake a cake, get out the balloons.


Name 12 reasons you have to celebrate

How often do you laugh at the workplace

How often do you like to?

What is this lack of celebration costing you?

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