Microsoft’s organisation culture change


Source of picture: Manu Cornet’s spoof of Microsoft org structure in Wikipedia

Its 2018 June and I am re-reading Fast Company’s Oct 2017 issue of Satya Nadella who took over Microsoft in 2014.

One of the first acts of Nadella was for the top executives to read “Nonviolent communication” by Marshall Rosenberg. He also encouraged the company’s employees to embrace a “learn it all” as opposed to a “know it all” culture.

Indeed, as with Microsoft, we now need a more empathic and empowering culture.

You have to be able to say, “where is this person coming from?” Why are they excited or frustrated by something that is happening.

But lest we imagine Nadella to be a soft millennial, he has found mentors for himself, as well as strengthened Microsoft’s ties with Silicon Valley.

Nadella inspires for me, what it means to fail forward and be resilient, recalling his Q and A at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women where he issued an apology and explored his biases. “We are going to learn and we are going to get a lot smarter.”

Are you reading any biographies lately? Who inspires you in your career journey?

An interesting piece reprinted in Fast Company issue is his piece on “The C in CEO stands for Culture.”, adapted from “Hit Refresh“.

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