9 relationships we need in our network


Photo of cactus taken by himself
From left: Kalancho “Mother of Thousands,” baby toes, lawyer’s tongue, romeo wax agave, ghost enchevera

Incredible 9 whom anyone need in their network

A – Adorers
Your fan club. Maybe its your mom. But if everyone starts praising you, time to expand your network.

B – Back, people who cover your back, @ work when you go on leave.

C – Clients/ Community of practice/ professional association/ expertise

D – Dream
People who can help you achieve your dreams. Or listen to your dreams however impossible.

E – Emotional support or confidante
Goes without saying that you should pick someone who will not blab around.

F – Faith/ Fun/ Family. Some friends are fun to be around, but disappear when you are in trouble. Recognise them for their worth. Do not confuse the two.

G – Grapevine or office gossip before it becomes official. Who is getting transferred?

H – Hot off the press/ Information
They may even be weak ties but have access to information outside your usual circle or field of expertise. People who are aware of job openings in your dream company.

I – Influence
Innovation, Mentors, Champions, provide support or resources eg Boss, HR, Finance

The more fortunate you are when these 9 overlap, the more enjoyable your worklife will be.

Who are the people you need in your network? What about you? Are you playing any of these roles?


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