Highlight other’s strengths.

Yesterday, my friend Cindy whom I had not met in a while texted me “Thought of u today, Joanne. Happy Teacher’s Day! Hope u r lavished with love from your students. U r placed in this industry for a purpose.”


Photo: taken by me on Children’s Day, May 2018 at Nagoya castle.

Her generous spirit and her gift of time refreshed me. (Note that she did not flatter me with falsehood.) Cindy reminded me that she learnt it from me.

We need Cindys in our life.
Highlight others. Refreshing others and being refreshed in return.

I recently watched a video interview of Alibaba CEO Jack Ma by former President Bill Clinton. After the interview, Clinton graciously acknowledged/ introduced the various famous former leaders in the audience.

A friend pointed out this skill and drew the link to Singapore’s best known diplomat Amb Tommy Koh.

His ability to let one feel as if he/she was “the most important person in the room” came across as very genuine to me. Despite some of his personal flaws, Clinton remains very popular and charismatic.

Challenge of the day

1. Highlight other’s strengths.

2. Use introductions to highlight others.

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