Competencies recruiters look for

Photo taken at Gardens by the Bay, Sep 2018. Sunflowers in honour of Vincent Van Gogh.

Its internship application and interviewing time. One of the common questions I get from students are: what competencies should I include in my resume?

Look no further.

1. Examine the job advertisement
Most companies include competencies that help candidates succeed. Sometimes its under the Key Requirements or the Qualifications section

2. Full time applications
Even those that do not include the competences, such as those from DHL for their data science internship (below), will have a detailed writeup in their full time job applications. Similar competencies in identified by different full time opportunities in same company hint at the company culture and values.

3. Company website
Check out the company website. “What we look for in our candidates”. Writeups or profiles of employees and what they say.

4. Check out companies in same industry
Most companies in the same industry look for similar competencies. Sometimes they differ, depending on organisation culture.

5. External sources
Vault, wetfeet and other insider guides. Bear in mind that they could be subjective.

Analyst, intern, McKinsey

Associate Intern, McKinsey



Intern (Corporate Finance) – Contract until end of 2018

Investment Bank/ DB

Market Data Analyst, Summer Intern

Data Scientist, Analytics Lab

Intern (Customer Analytics), DHL

Manufacturing Intern, GE Aviation (Jan 2019 intake)

Intern, Automation; Robotics (Jan 2019 intake), GE

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