Job Search and Networking events


Researchers say as few as 15% of jobs are publicly posted or filled by people outside the organisation.

Positioning yourself for the hidden job market through networking or connecting with people doing the work you want to do.

This can be as easy as chatting with a friend whether it is through the religious organisation you go to, running into your former colleagues or staying in touch through Professional Associations, Alumni Clubs or coming together for a common purpose.

Professor Krumboltz from Stanford University and a career theorist describes “planned happenstance” theory of being open to possibilities how your career may take you. Dr Jim.Bright of Vanderbilt University was in Singapore to share his Chaos Theory of being curious and talking to people, trying new things.

My personal job search process follows closely to what was described. Although, I would have written and applied to companies etc, the best match for my career and out of the box thinking usually comes from job search ideas through networking. Some whom I am not even close to. What we call weak ties.

Critical to the process is allowing yourself to have conversations or coffee chats (informational interview) with people. Attitudes such as:
Asking questions, having small talk. Talking to people for ideas.

Here are some suggestions for people interested in firms such as Asset Management, Private Equity, and Venture Capital.


Southeast Asian Private Equity Conference, 4 October

China Alternatives Investment Summit, 26-27 Oct, Beijing

Singapore Fintech Festival, 12-16 Nov

AVCJ Private Equity and Venture Forum, 13-15 Nov, Hong Kong

EY Global Alternative Fund Symposium 28 Nov, Hong Kong

EY China Hedge Fund Symposium, 30 Nov, Beijing

AVCJ Private Equity India Forum, 4-5 Dec 2018, Mumbai


EY Singapore Hedge Fund Symposium, 16 Jan 2019

Asian Wealth Management Forum, Hong Kong, 26 Feb 2019

The Singapore Asset Management Conference, Feb 2019 (by YALE-NUS students)

Financial Compliance and Operational Risk Asia Summit, Singapore Feb 2019

Asian Wealth Management Forum, Singapore, 23 May 2019

Student and Alumni Clubs
SMU Quantitative Finance Alumni Group — SMU Alumni Association

Singapore Quant Club (SQC)

Singapore, SG
689 Quant Elites

This Club is for enthusiasts in the field of Quantitative Finance and Investment. Group members are mostly from Quant Finance background, and with professions like Hedge Fund …

Check out this Meetup Group →

Student Managed Funds

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