Prisoner of the past or pioneer of the future


Are you a prisoner of the past, or a pioneer of the future? – Deepak Chopra


1. Pink moss of Hokkaido

My tribute to the color pink:


2. Pink shrimp
3. Pink water lilies arising from mud
4. Pink Longevity birthday buns representing peaches

Photos all taken by me.


5.My melody, Sanrio Christmas at Changi
6.Pink Ginger flower used in rojak salad.


7.Pink maguro
8.Pink chinese new year money envelopes
9. Pink lily


10. Roseate Spoonbill at the Jurong Bird Park, looking sinister

Think out Loud
Does pink calm you down?
Whats your favourite de-stressor?

We overthink the color pink. Some say its a sign of weakness, others say its romance. Some say its for girls. Others say for boys.

We are products of our times, and we attach meaning to something so neutral and beautiful as color.

There is research that showed men who wore pink earned £1,000 more and likely to have an MBA than those who wore white. By the way, the late Minister Mentor’s favourite shirt color was pink. (When he was not not campaigning. Otherwise it was white.)

We overthink many things.

Note to self: Im getting my man some pink shirts just in case, the research is right.

Is there a color of success in your organisation? Blue shirts (IBM), white shirts, black turtle neck (Steve Jobs), grey Ts (Mark Z)?

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