A unique theatrical dining experience at Anthologia


Apple dessert with cream coated with chocalate served on crushed chocolate with dried apple shavings. Photo by SN.



Excellent, seafood freshly flown in from Japan atest to the chef’s connections with suppliers.


Seafood served on a boat with dried ice effect.

What it takes to create a sensory experience. At 980RMB a head, majority of the 46 diners are millennials = power of a growing consumer class in Shanghai.


6 projectors on a semi-circle theatre seating 46 diners.


A Kabuki theatrical experience with waitresses in cat like masks and kimono.



Screen filled with environmental messages, and stories about the ingredients you are partaking. A multi-sensory experience, people coming together to celebrate wedding anniversaries. A Japanese expat spending the last night of his Shanghai posting alone at the restaurant – friendships.

A thoughtful gesture at the end when the chef bid each of us goodbye with a warm heat pack for your fingers 暖宝宝。

Address: China, Shanghai Shi, Changning Qu, Panyu Rd, 381号Rm 105-107, Bldg 6 (交通大学 metro station)

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