Revisiting familiar spaces


Yesterday I revisited Queenstown Library, the first library built in Singapore. Its not fancy like the newer libraries in a shopping mall, without robotics. But it does have a cafe, easy self borrowing machines.

As I step into the library, waves of memories hit me. Bringing my then 3 yr old nephew to borrow books, hunting for self help books at a time when I felt so lost.

Revisiting the familiar can sometimes be comforting, at other times surprising.

Like going back to Shanghai after a year and realised so much has changed. Same mall, upholstered.

People change. Sometimes for the better. Do we give the same person the opportunity to be someone different? Forgiveness helps us do that.

You never step in the same river twice.

Bored with nowhere to go? Try the familiar, but with new eyes.

Creativity is seeing the same thing as everyone but seeing it differently.

What do you think of this saying?

Why Rereading Books and Rewatching Movies Is More Fun Than Expected – The Atlantic

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