Presentation and framing, how to elevate the everyday to an art form


Beyond sushi, Japanese cuisine is very much an art form, in presentation, choosing the right plate, balancing everything in the right frame.

My very ordinary Japanese breakfast of rice and tofu at the Ryokan Yakakutei, Kirishima presented in little dishes where eating becomes a meditative art form in front of a garden.

How do you elevate the ordinary and everyday into an art form?

🌿It does not have to be expensive, simple Daiso utensils.

🌿Or gift someone an experience, like Spanish tapas of seasonal vegetables.

🌿Or a few slices of the best, arranged in a special plate to commemorate a special occasion.


Photo: my left eyed flounder arranged to look like a peacock spreading his feathers, at Ryokan Yakaku



🌿Simple grilled fish on a blue ocean



🌿Let the guest of honour cook their own in Shabu shabu style. Swish, swish and the meat is cooked.

How about taking up your own pottery class?

Simple living. I am not a robot.

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