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Some months back, I asked Mr L if he would join me for a lunch catch up with a mutual ex-colleague, Mr T. We have not met in 14 years. Mr L was busy being angry about everything, his former employer, his PHd application being rejected by XYZ University.

Fast forward to June, I found out that if Mr L had joined me for lunch with Mr T, he could have walked his way into a job vacancy in Mr T’s company.

Is this how Krumboltz’s Happenstance works? Sometimes opportunities whiz by and miss us because we are engrossed in the past.

Lesson learnt today.

As an IJ, unplanned meetings drain me. But think of the exciting future that awaits you from the little step you take.

(Update: Some of the links dont work anymore because the applications have closed. Take this as an indication that applications for summer internships in Summer 2020 open in May 2019 and close by End June 2019.



GIC (Summer 2020)
Apply via GIC Website:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore Internship (2020)

Full Time



Enterprise Singapore


The internship, (mini 10 weeks) is between May to September or November to January.
Website Application: March for November internship.

IRAS (Tax)


STB (Tourism)


CHangi Airport Group

National Arts Council

Arts House


National Heritage Board

Business China internships

(Update: Some of the links dont work anymore because the application have closed. Take this as an indication that applications for summer internships in Summer 2020 open in May 2019 and close by End June 2019.

GIC (Summer 2020)
Apply via GIC Website:

Uniglo Global Internship (Fast Retailing)

Capitaland (GradSingapore)
Closing Date: 31 August 2019

Dyson, Business Intelligence Intern (GradSingapore)
Closing Date: 13 September 2019

Keppel Intern

Analyst Intern
Application starts in May

There are more PR/ Mefia internships available suddenly even as mergers in the industry take place eg the recent merger between Wunderman and JWT.

Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific
Media Planning Intern

Project/Product Management Intern – Customer Identity & Access, SPH (Cultjobs)

Content Writer
Impossible Marketing

PR Internship – Singapore –

Omnicom Public Relations Group (Linkedin)

Advertising Accounts intern

Accounts Servicing Intern
Publicis Communications (Cultjobs)

Beauty Journalist
Beauty Insider

PHD (Linkedin)

June 2019

If the many inventions and technologies first appeared in China, why did the Scientific Revolution take place in Western Europe 6 centuries later, rather than in China?

I finally put away my 10 volumes of Joseph Needlam’s “Science and Civilisations of China“.

Do not mistake First appearance vs Adoption. Structure eats culture, strategy and creativity for lunch.

How do we design teams, companies and nations to nurture #loonshots, most important breakthrough ideaa whose champions are written off as crazy.

#Loonshots – how to nurture crazy ideas that win wars, cure diseases and transform industries” by #Safi #Bahcall.

The Bush-Vail Rules
1. Phase separation: seperate the loonshot  from the establishment
2. Dynamic equilibrium: seamless exchange between the two groups.
3. Critical mass: a loonshot group large enough to ignite
4. Spread a system mindset
5. Raise the magic number

Keep your eyes on SRT: Spirit, relationships, time

Purpose feeds spirit and spirit is the engine that keeps us going. It steadies us for the battles ahead. Safi Bahcall, physicist, Founder and CEO of biotech startup

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Photo credit: JK: Shanghai, Dec 2019

Why Supplychain is a sexy career. As sexy as global power can be.

Supplychains are now race for the top, not to the bottom. Empires were built on infrastructure and connectivity. Which model will China adopt? British Empire, Dutch Empire, Spanish Empire, Portugese Empire or American Empire?

“We are moving into an era where cities will matter more than states and supply chains will be a more important source of power than militaries — whose main purpose will be to protect supply chains rather than borders. Competitive connectivity is the arms race of the 21st century.”

CONNECTOGRAPHY: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization — Parag Khanna

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On Monday night, I posed a question to my adult learners working towards their Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling.

The case was a 3rd yr law undergraduate who wanted to.pursue a career in marine conversation, and I asked them how I should help my student.

Fast forward 3 nights later, I read on Google search which throws up random news on my mobile of this internship opportunity in turtle conservation in Maldives.

Isnt this weird amazing?

Although it was a real counselling case, that was a question posed last year. I am not sure if that law student still harbours secret dreams of being a marine conservationist.

But I learnt a lesson. Stay true to your dreams. They may take a while to materialise. Tell Google. And Career Counsellors, hey Ive included the internship news below. Its possible. She just might learn how to marry legal wotk with marine conservation.

Luxury Maldives hotel hiring intern to rescue turtles, expenses covered