How to nurture crazy ideas that win wars, cure diseases and transform industries

If the many inventions and technologies first appeared in China, why did the Scientific Revolution take place in Western Europe 6 centuries later, rather than in China?

I finally put away my 10 volumes of Joseph Needlam’s “Science and Civilisations of China“.

Do not mistake First appearance vs Adoption. Structure eats culture, strategy and creativity for lunch.

How do we design teams, companies and nations to nurture #loonshots, most important breakthrough ideaa whose champions are written off as crazy.

#Loonshots – how to nurture crazy ideas that win wars, cure diseases and transform industries” by #Safi #Bahcall.

The Bush-Vail Rules
1. Phase separation: seperate the loonshot  from the establishment
2. Dynamic equilibrium: seamless exchange between the two groups.
3. Critical mass: a loonshot group large enough to ignite
4. Spread a system mindset
5. Raise the magic number

Keep your eyes on SRT: Spirit, relationships, time

Purpose feeds spirit and spirit is the engine that keeps us going. It steadies us for the battles ahead. Safi Bahcall, physicist, Founder and CEO of biotech startup

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Photo credit: JK: Shanghai, Dec 2019

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