30 Day networking sprints

Even as tech conferences in the US are getting cancelled because of the coronavirus, others are debating the value of in-person conferences. Their utility is not just a way to exchange information on platforms. “There’s something about meeting someone face to face, and also the serendipity that can happen, that just can’t be replicated in a remote way,” says Guilherme Rambo, an independent app developer from Brazil. “When you’re at a tech conference, you’ll meet people who work for the companies you’re a customer of, the people who make the apps you enjoy using, and sometimes business deals . . . are made. [Quote from Fast Company]

What can I do with the downtime? Pause and rebrand. Are you ready to join me for a 30 day Networking Sprint?

Day 1: Come up with positive adjectives, strengths and weakness that describe me
Day 2: Draft my personal brand statement. Update my Linkedin account.

Day 3: Come up with 5 ice breakers. Identify an area of professional interest.

Day 4: Bring my closest friends to lunch and ask positive adjectives that describe me. Likewise, compliment them. Ideas Party.

Day 5: Start my daily list of 10 thanksgiving items. Creative positive energy. List causes* I may contribute to. (UN 17 SDG for 2030)

Day 6: List my rewards or motivators on challenge. (Positive energy)

Day 7: Rest Day, Reflection

Day 8: Write home call home (parents, siblings), plan next family gathering. If not convenient, send positive thoughts and thank them in mind. Send postcard. Show you care.

Day 9: Start my project of saying hello to a different colleague or classmate everyday for 30 days. Ask: what are you working on? What’s a trend that may bother you? What’s a skill you wish you had time to pick up?

Day 10: Update my Linkedin account.

Day 11: Join a public speaking group such as toastmasters in my area.

Day 12: Join a group in my professional interest. Bring someone.

Day 13: Deep Dive: Attend a class to learn new skill (physical or virtual). Bring someone.

Day 14: Rest Day, Reflection

Day 15: Identify a new person to start a personal friendship group. What help can I offer? Show you care.

Day 16: Deep Dive: Borrow and Read 5 latest books affecting my areas of interest, be it Professional/ Personal. (One new book a month)

Day 17: Coffee with former internship supervisor or colleagues. Thank them for helping you in the past. Show you care.

Day 18: Keep in touch with (one) classmate from past. Reminisce the happy moments. Repeat with different person next cycle.

Day 19: Sign up for a talk in area of interest.

Day 20: Join a group of personal interest, faith or hobby, eg. Mahjong or tennis

Day 21: Rest Day, Reflection – list 10 topics I have collected from conversations.

Day 22: Start a blog, write my first article. Share.

Day 23: Volunteer for a cause*. Teach a class probono.

Day 24: Congratulate a friend. Show you care.

Day 25: Rest Day, Reflection

Day 26: Publish my first post on social media.

Day 27: Celebrate friend’s birthday or anything worth celebrating!

Day 28: Compliment a service staff (stranger). Post it on company website.

Day 29: Celebrate with loved one! Care for self.

Day 30: Repeat cycle for next 30 days.


What’s your favourite app to locate networking events?

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