This too shall pass

“Studies show that 40% of the anxiety felt by people in the world is focused on things that will never happen. Apparently 30% is related to the past which we cannot change, 12% to other people’s criticism and 10% to health.

It is a very curious reality that only 8% of the time do we really worry about concerns that need to be faced in the here and now.”

Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing, Festival of Thought, Singapore

Even as we approach news of tightening circuit breaker till 1 June 2020, and thoughts of what ifs scenarios. If I can give you a penny for every time I hear the word “Covid 19”, turning on the television and see higher infection numbers. How can I bring the positive into the negative. Instead, every time I hear the word, I put myself into a meditation retreat with the acronyms. Try it for your self. Come up with your own.

C = Connect

Safe distancing doesn’t equal social isolation. Connect with friends, neighbours, family via technology. Connect with your emotions, understand its ok to feel fear, anxiety. Connect with your body. Breathe.  This too shall pass.

O = Options

What are your options? What can you control? What resources, medical, financial aid, healthcare are available?

What you cannot control? Other people’s thoughts and actions.

V = Values

Where is your compass? What values guide your actions and activities?  How will you want to emerge from this?

I =Inspire

What inspires you? What meaning and purpose can you draw strength from?

D = Do

It takes 21 days to form a habit. What activities can you meaningful engage in? Form a routine? What is within your control? What is outside your control? Example, people’s opinions. Do what’s within your ability to control.

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