Treasure in my neighbourhood

T is for treasure. As a result of covid, the gym is locked, many of us have to turn to our neighbourhood parks.

View from Henderson Waves, Mt Faber Park

This is the view I see everyday as a result of daily walks. Although I moved into this neighbourhood ten years ago, I barely walk here 5 times prior to Covid, prefer to be stuck on my treadmill breathing in stale air.

View from my friend’s balcony

Yesterday, at 6pm, my friend who lives in another part of Singapore snapped this beautiful splash of colours in the evening sky from her balcony. We are never outside our office cubicle at 6pm. Even when she sent this photo, I didnt catch the evening light as I was on Zoom till 730pm..

What treasure from your neighbour are you missing? T is not for terrible or terror. T is for the treasure around, we fail to observe.

#treasure #TIME #Treasureinmyenvironment

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