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Recently, one of the hinges of my bedroom door was spoilt.

We tried to change the hinge ourselves. A door is supported by 3 hinges which are in turn supported by tiny screws.

When a screw is loose or a hinge is misaligned, the doors of opportunity do not swing.

Aligning my heart, my thoughts, my feelings and my emotions to the Creator to listen actively for opportunities.

Unlocking creativity, shifting mindsets by Michael Roberto

Time travel into your future self

What would your future self want to see? Jeff Bezos and Amazon staff use ” time travel” frequently to stimulate innovative thinking about new products ane services.

Andy Jassy of AWS explains that developers do not begin writing software code for a new project until they have drafted a hypotetical press release for their new product offering. Of course these press releases are not actually published for months or years.

Process is described as working backwards.

How do you shift perspectives?

Recently, I conducted a 20 yr future self visualisation at a workshop. If you are interested, link can be accesssed here.

Some participants fell asleep. Some younger participants had a peek at themselves at 40 yrs old and assured that all will be well, yet chose to keep future a mystery to be discovered.

One of my clients, Patricia, who was in her fifties, visualised herself in her seventies.

She later shared that her mother in law was currently in her 90s. Alive but flat on bed. She was so weak that she cannot sit up on her own and needed help with her waste disposal. She was on many pain relieving medication. Not knowing how to read or write, her days were spent lying in bed watching television, most of the time with deep anger and bitterness. She had no religion to provide comfort nor to deceive her.

Patricia learnt from this activity that if she were to have an active lifestyle in her seventied, she needed to plan for the unexpected possibility that her days might be longer than we hope for. When we say “life is short”, and live with expectation that death comes swiftly, the irony with modern medicine is a long slow death in spirit, emotion and body.

It changed her perspective on the investments she planned to reskill and keep in touch with active age-rs.

What short term, long term, infinite term planning are we willing to put in?

#future self visualisation

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Wishing you a blessed and prosperous Chinese New Year!

A nice Chinese new year blessings in Proverbs:

🍊心想事成 Ps 37:4 God will grant us the desires of our heart

㊗万事如意 Rom 8:28 In all things God works together for the good of those who love Him

🍀岁岁平安 Phil 4:7 The peace of God will guard our hearts and minds in Christ

🍊事业有成 Jer 29:11 God knows the plans for us to prosper us and give us a future and a hope

👣步步高升 Eph 2:6 God has raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus

💖金玉满堂 Prov 15:6 The house of the righteous is filled with treasure

🍊红运当头 Deut 28:13 God has made us the head and not the tail (as a result of Jesus’ shed blood)㊗笑口常开 Ps 105:43 God brings His people out with rejoicing, and His chosen ones with shouts of joy.

Ps 105:43 God brings His people out with rejoicing, and His chosen ones with shouts of joy.

3 inch golden lotus feet

Bounded 3 inch golden lotus feet.

Would you believe that mothers used to bind feet of their daughters during the Qing dynasty so they will be of marriageable quality?

This pair of decorative shoes was gifted to me by my mom. But a hundred years ago in China, they were functional.

As I reflected on how older women used to bind the feet of younger women, a thought crossed my mind.

How are we binding the feet of the younger generation? With fear, doubt, negativity?

While our feet are no longer bound. Our hearts and minds are still bound.

Time to be free from this bondage.

Time to forgive the older women who did not know better.

Happiness is having big feet and shoes of peace to explore.

gratitude is a CHOICE, not a feeling.  Like any habit we want to develop, it takes practice.

How may I develop a *habit* of gratitude?

Today, I went where the pain is. A very controlling lady whom I didnt like very much, came to my mind. Practicising gratitude was tough.

But during the day, thoughts of how I first met her, and how her decision not to impose a decision on the group allowed me to do more research instead of coasting.

Biggest time waster for me in 2021 and before is spending an hour being angry and repeating same angry thoughts daily for 10 years.

Points of You Coaching Game

What is it time to start?

What do I want?

Wade and Shane (2020) uncovered a pre-COVID-19 digital transformation failure rate of 87.5 per cent. (Wilcocks, University  of London Subject Guide, p226)

Four main reasons why digital transformation fails: 

  • Lack of strategic digital leadership and investment prioritisation
  • Lack of large scale project management capability
  • Unrealistic expectations, limited scope, poor governance and underestimating cultural barriers. (Wade and Shane, 2020)
  • Lack of detailed digital strategic vision

Ross et al (2019) suggest five building blocks (really organisational capabilities) needed for digital success.

First, shared Customer Insight where Schneider Electric experimented and placed digital offerings before customers to learn what they find valuable and involved them in co-creation.  

Second, build an operational Backbone such as LEGO simplifying 13 interdependent global supply chain process with standardisation, integration of processes into other business functions and process automation. 

Third, building a Digital Platform is a technologically-enabled business model that create value by facilitating exchanges between producers and consumers, data and infrastructure (IMDA, 2021). API (Application Programming Interface) linkages allow seamless exchange of data. 

Fourth, build an accountability framework e.g Spotify has project managers that retain ownership throughout a component’s lifecycle. Metrics that record progress and release software continuously as well as collaboration built on trust. 

Lastly, build an External Developer Platform, e.g. DBS Bank in Singapore offers its outside partners more than 200 API digital components e,g, customer spending patterns, to develop synergies and complementor, collaborating with competitors.

Happy New Year 2022 to you.

How fast time flies. 2 years we spent in Covid. Is it time to emerge?

As we start the new year, may I invite you to reflect on how Yr 2021 has been for you? Exciting? Purposeful? False starts? 

What were your biggest time wasters in 2021?

What would you like to have happen in Yr 2022? Perhaps:

  • 22 goals for Yr 2022
  • 22 min on your goal every day.  
  • How do you want to show up? What’s in your control?  

My biggest time waster, surprisingly, is not social media but forgetting my goals and procrastination. Eat that frog, I can almost hear Brian Tracy whispering. Listing my goals and referring to them consciously keeps me focused. Social Media time is more fruitful for me.

Bundle goals

I am also able to bundle several goals together. Example, when someone is late for 45 min for our 1 to 1 meeting, instead of getting upset, I work on my goals in the space, grateful for the “reclaimed” time. Just this week, it has happened twice. Being more flexible (I’m a J in MBTI lingo), assess many nice-to-have goals, make better informed choices on what to let go.

Another example of a 2022 goal is incorporating wellbeing prompters into my curriculum. A reminder from the universe when my (RMIT) university organised a TTT aligned to the cues I picked up:

Positive Education: An educational approach to student learning and well-being

Why do I need approval or affirmation from someone else that this is a worthy goal? The universe is kind, and know I’m taking baby steps. It doesnt take much time, but I do need prepwork and give my brains lots of time to re-wire.

Happy to hear from you, your thoughts on Goals for 2022.

Fruitful 2022 to you. 

Majulah (Onward)