What time is it? 22 for 2022

Happy New Year 2022 to you.

How fast time flies. 2 years we spent in Covid. Is it time to emerge?

As we start the new year, may I invite you to reflect on how Yr 2021 has been for you? Exciting? Purposeful? False starts? 

What were your biggest time wasters in 2021?

What would you like to have happen in Yr 2022? Perhaps:

  • 22 goals for Yr 2022
  • 22 min on your goal every day.  
  • How do you want to show up? What’s in your control?  

My biggest time waster, surprisingly, is not social media but forgetting my goals and procrastination. Eat that frog, I can almost hear Brian Tracy whispering. Listing my goals and referring to them consciously keeps me focused. Social Media time is more fruitful for me.

Bundle goals

I am also able to bundle several goals together. Example, when someone is late for 45 min for our 1 to 1 meeting, instead of getting upset, I work on my goals in the space, grateful for the “reclaimed” time. Just this week, it has happened twice. Being more flexible (I’m a J in MBTI lingo), assess many nice-to-have goals, make better informed choices on what to let go.

Another example of a 2022 goal is incorporating wellbeing prompters into my curriculum. A reminder from the universe when my (RMIT) university organised a TTT aligned to the cues I picked up:

Positive Education: An educational approach to student learning and well-being

Why do I need approval or affirmation from someone else that this is a worthy goal? The universe is kind, and know I’m taking baby steps. It doesnt take much time, but I do need prepwork and give my brains lots of time to re-wire.

Happy to hear from you, your thoughts on Goals for 2022.

Fruitful 2022 to you. 

Majulah (Onward)


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