My Inner Critic

Recently, I took part in an art jamming session organised by my local faith community. We were provided materials such as a canvas, and paint-brushes. The theme was a place of beauty and we were invited to bring a photo of what we will paint.

What surprised me as I started painting was the voice in my head, as I compared what I was painting, with what others were doing.


I regret painting this garden, too much detail work.

I’m not going to finish this in time.

Why didnt I choose to paint landscape with broad-strokes like everyone else.

Self Compassion:

Immerse in a friendly community where you can ask for help. Someone gave me friendly advice, paint the background first. Use a sponge.

I also listened to the useful advice of my inner critic – painted broad strokes

Remind myself to have fun, was my mantra

Walking around to other jammers and praising their work, also invited encouragement to mine.

Conclusion: While I may not be an emerging artist, I was impressed that I completed the piece in 2 hrs and didnt give up. My ROI: fun.


Cultivate the garden of your soul. Breathe in fragrance of the garden and breathe out compassion.

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