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World Bank Young Professionals Programme, Deadline 30 June

World Bank Summer Winter Internship Program for Graduate Students

World Trade Organisation

World Trade Organization Internship Programme


United Nations Volunteers Programme for All Nationalities

ASEF – Deadline, Aug 12

OIST Internship in Japan 2020 for All (Fully funded)


Korean Government Scholarship (GKS) for International Students

ASEAN Career Fair with Japan
8 Jan 2020, Singapore Expo


Frost and Sullivan internship
Application deadline: ongoing

2020 Market Data Analyst – Summer Internship
May 18, 2020 – July 24, 2020


Nielsen Fast Forward Internship
Jan-Jun 2020
Website: Types

Accenture Internship 2020

PWC X-Venturer in China
Consulting Internships

UBS Operations Intern
Application deadline: 31 Jan 2020

Standard Chartered Bank
2020 – Internship – Corporate Finance
Internship Period: June to Aug

2020 – International Graduate Programme
SC Ventures
Application deadline: 31 Jan 2020

Deutsche Bank
Analyst, Internship
Application deadline: 26th Jan 2020, 11:45 pm

DBS, Internship (May to Aug) 8-12 weeks
Application deadline: Mid Dec to Mid Jan

JP Morgan Analyst 2020
We recommend that you apply to one Markets program and no more than three.

US: September 8, 2019 (23:59 Hong Kong time)
UK, Continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa: September 29, 2019 (23:59 Hong Kong time)
Singapore and China: October 6, 2019 (23:59 Hong Kong time)
Other locations: October 27, 2019 (23:59 Hong Kong time)

Bank of America | Singapore | Global Capital Markets | Summer Analyst 2020 –

Summer Analyst 2020 – Bank of America
Application deadline: 13 Oct 2019

Morgan Stanley Analyst 2020
Application deadline: Depends on region

Credit Suisse Summer Analyst 2020
(For those gradiating in November 2020 – July 2021)
Application deadline: 1 Oct 2019

Goldman Sachs offcycle Internship
(For recent graduates)
Application deadline: 1 July to 1 Dec 2019
3 months before start of internship

Internship 2020, Asset Management
Application deadline: 31 Oct 2019

Barclays Summer 2020 Internship
(Early applications advised)

Societe Generale
Energy Finance & Advisory – Corporate and Investment Banking Singapore
Intern – 6 months (Jan – Jun 2020)

Citi 2020 Summer Analyst, Singapore
First Application Deadline (CMO/ IB/ Markets): Thursday, September 19, 2019

Final Application Deadline (Applicable for all Institutional Client Groups Programs): Sunday, November 17, 2019

Application deadline: 30 Nov 2019

Internship application
View at

Deutsche Bank

Source: McKinsey

Excellent article by McKinsey to guide you on data analytics in Supply Chain 4.0. Must read for anyone who wants to get into the Logistics sector.

Logistics Sub-Sector

• Warehouse Management and Operations;

• Transportation Management and Operations;

• Freight Forwarding and Operations;

• Sales and CustomerService;

• Logistics Solutioning and Programme Management; and

• Logistics Process Improvement and Information System

Skills Framework for Logistics Industry: WSG-SSG

Logistics Industry Digital Guide Overview : IMDA

Industry Transformation Map: 31 Sectors

Source: CBInsights

As Singapore has been a major trading hub since 1819, the Logistics industry includes companies which operate on a manual brick and mortar fashion, without much changes in the last 30 years. If you are interested in joining the startup space to see how data analytics is transforming the Supply Chain and Logistics Sector, check out CBInsights.

What is the healthcare sector?

To most, it includes hospitals, clinics and perhaps pharmaceutical firms that produce medicine. If you are a job seeker or an investor, then understanding the value chain of the healthcare sector, will help you make a more informed decision.

I love this industry map by Maia Strategy, one of the most comprehensive overview of the healthcare sector, although it does not include Medical Technology.

Source: Maia Strategy

The infographic above by Maia Strategy though, does not include medical technology, which is a growing

Jobs in the sector

  • Medical professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists)
  • Allied Health Professionals (Occupational, Physio, Speech Therapists)
  • Dietitians and Food Service Consultants
  • Executive Management  (e.g., CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO)
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Sales / Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Research & Development
  • Operations
  • Finance/ IT
  • Policy Makers & Regulators
  • Key Association Members
  • Financial Analysts
  • Suppliers & Channel Partners
  • Purchasing / Procurement Staff
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Personnel
  • Professional Services Consultants

Skills Framework for Healthcare sector

Singapore as gateway to Digital Healthcare in SEAsia.