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猪笼入水 means money come in all 4 directions. 猪笼 refers to the cyclindral basket. (Also refers to the Nepenthes plant).

Pig cage in water

“Pig cages inwater” is a metaphor for wealth. Because the pig cage is empty and submerged in water, water enters cage. “water” refers to finance. “Pig cage in water” is a wish for good luck.

A pig cage is made to conveniently transport pigs. Made of bamboo rafts, it has a cylindrical shape, and is mesh shaped. The mesh opening is quite large with one end open. 

When the cages are submerged in water, water is poured into the cages. Because Cantonese people like to use water to describe fortune, “pig cages in water” is often used to describe a person’s wealth, and wealth comes from all directions. 

Used often by Hong Kong media to describe an artist, in film, advertising, best-selling albums, and concerts, it is really a “pig cage into the water.”

Not very kosher, but we are celebrating the year of the pig in 2019.

Words to greet someone this Chinese New Year –

CNY Prayer & Benediction by Ps Mark Ng

家有義宝 (Jia You Yi Bao)

富星高照 (Fu Xin Gao Zhao)

Christ’s Righteousness in the House of God. Arise and Shine!

一帆风顺 (Yi Fan Feng Shun)

Smooth sailing in life – propitious wind (Holy Spirit) will propel and help you sail smoothly throughout the journey

两全齐美  (Liang Quan Qi Mei)

God made all things beautiful – having God’s wisdom to make the best of both worlds, to achieve win-win situations

三阳开泰  (San Yang Kai Tai)

Original word is 3 goats/lamb which sounds like sun.

Father, Spirit, Son, flourish and prosper you – three ways to stay healthy and prosperous:

动则升阳 (Dong Ze Sheng Yang) keep active,

善能升阳 (Shan Neng Sheng Yang) do good and

喜能升阳 (Xi Neng Sheng Yang) be joyful

四季平安  (Si Ji Ping An)

Peace and protection Where ever you go – We are kept safe all year round in the four seasons

五福临门  (Wu Fu Lin Men)

Grace and blessings In your house – 5 blessings descending upon you.

5 Blessings arrive at the door of your house : 一日寿 (Yi Ri Shou) longevity, 二日富 (Er Ri Fu) prosperity, 三日康宁 (San Ri Kang Ning) health, 四日攸好德 (So Ri You Hao De) virtue and 五日考终命 (Wu Ri Kao Zhong Ming) peaceful/ good death

六六大顺 (Liu Liu Da Shun)

God will prosper your ways – well wishes in good fortune, family blessings, success in career, good health, etc.

Originates with 6 virtues – 君义 (Jun Yi) kingly righteousness, 臣行 (Cheng Xing) ministering good deeds, 慈父 (Chi Fu) Father’s mercy, 子孝 (Zi Xiao) filial piety, 兄爱 (Xiong Ai) brotherly love and 弟敬 (Di Jing) brotherly respect/honour.

七星高照  (Qi Xin Gao Zhao)

Shine above perfectly –

7 stars include 福星 (Fu Xin)happiness and hope, 禄星 (Lu Xin)fame and fortune, 寿星 (Shou Xin)longevity, 月老 (Yue Lao) love and marriage, 北斗星 (Beidou Xin高) guide for seasons, 文武星 (Wen Qu Xin)love / talents for art and literature, 武曲星 (Wu Qu Xin) finance and courage

Can also refer to the 7 stars in Revelation.

八方来财 (Ba Fang Lai Cai)

Prosperity is gathered all around towards you – wealth and riches will come to you from all 8 directions (north, south, east, west, north east, south east, north west, south west). The wealth of the world come to you.

九九同心 / 久久同心 (Jiu Jiu Tong Xin)

United in hearts always; Forever in Christ (Love) – United in one heart forever {Abiding in Christ leads to Him & me united as One}

十全十美 (Shi Quan Shi Mei)

You are perfect in God’s eyes – Perfect in every way,

毫无欠缺 (Hao Wu Qian Que) no shortage, no lack, no weakness,

毫无瑕疵 (Hao Wu Xia Chi) without blemish

百事可乐 (Bai Shi Ke Le) @ 2018 benediction

There is Joy in everything – Can rejoice at all times in all things (a hundred things)

百事如意 (Bai Shi Ru Yi) @ 2019 benediction

All wishes coming true as one wishes

千事吉祥 (Qian Shi Ji Xiang)

Reunion in abundant Blessings – Auspicious blessings in a thousand way

万事如意 (Wan Shi Ru Yi)

Safety, health, wholeness perpectually –

事事合心意 (Shi Shi He Xin Yi)

Have all (a million of) desires/wishes/hope fulfilled.


Someone sent me this set of “揮春” (Auspicious Messages) written in English which looks like Chinese characters. I thought it was brilliant. Instead of aligning alphabets in a straight line, Chinese strokes are stacked on each other. Talk about complication for the dyslexic.

The way to teach Mandarin words is to break up the character or enlarge it. I think it looks like Hebrew. Look at the character for “each”, does it remind you of Robert Indiana’s “LOVE”?

#Looking at the familiar through different lenses#.

Q: Can you guess what it reads?

On the right hand side
Eat well sleep well each every day

On the left hand side
Good health good wealth all year round