Happy self

Do not let other’s opinions of you determine who you are.
Instead of worrying about what others think,
Devote yourself to your dreams


When someone doesnt like us
It is not our problem but theirs.
Not everyone will like us.
This is a problem only if we let it bother us

By complaining that something we have to do is too hard,
We add another layer of difficulty.
Take a deep breath, and then just do it.

Haemin Sunim, “The Things You Can See Only when You Slow Down
Translated by Chi-Young Kim

Note to self: Haemin Sunim is a Monk from South Korea educated in Havard, Princeton, UC Berkley. Think less of yourself. Be less preoccupied with self. When you are happy, you will try to make the world a happier place. Many of us do things for others, actually we are doing it for ourselves.

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