Prepare your net

Photo credit: M from COOS

lín yuān xiàn yú,bù rú tuì ér jié wǎng
《汉书·董仲书传》《han shū · dǒng zhòng shū zhuàn 》

Rather than admire the abundance of fish [opportunities in front] of the lake, why not retreat to sew your net [to catch the fish].

This proverb was used as a parable from 董仲舒, a politician and a philosopher, who warned the Han emperor to use systematic/benevolent manner to govern a country.

Its about goals and process. Does the goal justify the means/process? While having a grand goal is important, the how to accomplish is equally important.
Otherwise it is akin to “building castles in the air”, an illusion.




Source of mandarin write-up

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