Know 10 trees

I distinctly remember that night, jogging through Robertson Quay, when a friend who started working in the National Parks Board, turned to me, and asked me the name of a tree.  I had then been reading NPark’s publication, 1001 Plants.

Perhaps to mask my ignorance, I recalled saying to him that we aim to know the names of 10 trees. Afterall we live in a garden in a city. Singapore, as you know was a barren piece of land, when the British left, and in the 1980s, the government took an active effort to plant a variety of trees on the roadside.

To this day, we debate whether “Know 10 trees” was his idea or my idea, but his Marketing Comms Director  posted it, the Postal Service SingPost took the idea and printed firstday cover stamps with the idea.

Well, I didn’t get a cent coming up with the idea, but being a stamp collector, I am pleased to inform you that our Philatelic service did a great job with the design. 

My point being. Simplify.

When you move into a new industry, a new sector, or want to understand a new field, what are the 10 things you must know. Or less. 

Don’t swallow the ocean. Not 1001. Start with ten, or five. Start now.

Ten people I want to connect with.

Ten future trends that can affect my industry.

Ten possible jobs I can pivot to. 

Start with an idea, and bring others along with you. 


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